Smoke Alarm/Combo UL Standards

An update to the UL standard will go into effect June 30, 2024 for all manufacturers of smoke and combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Alarms produced after this date must be compliant to the performance requirements as specified in the UL 217 8th edition Standard for Safety for Single and Multiple Station Smoke Alarms. Alarms manufactured prior to the transition date can continue to be installed in compliance with local building code requirements and job site specifications.

Maryland Plumbing RegulationsMaryland Issues New Plumbing Standards With HB0772

Residential Fixtures:
  • Kitchen faucet 2.2/1.8 gpm or lower
  • Bathroom Lav faucet 1.5gpm of lower
  • Showerhead / new construction shower valves 2.0gpm
  • Toilets 1.28gpf or lower
  • Dual flush HET toilets are allowed – example 1.6/1.1gpm

Commercial / Public restrooms:
  • Bathroom Lav faucet 0.5gpm – goes to meter and touch free, sensor faucets
  • Toilets – top spud (floor or wall) 1.28gpf or lower
  • Urinals – 0.5gpf
  • Note, toilet and urinal fixture must align (match) flushometer type (manual or sensor)
Water Heater Regulations Water Heater Regulations-
Washington & Oregon

New water heater regulations go into effect in 2023 for Washington and Oregon states. Electric storage water heaters may not be installed, sold, or offered for sale, lease, or rent without a modular demand response communications port. Keep your properties in compliance by choosing an updated model.