Account Tips and Tricks

With more ways to shop, get quotes and stay organized, your online account is your most powerful tool.

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How to Request an Online Account
First, you’ll need to request an Online Account. If you don’t have a Lowe’s Pro Supply business account, click here to request one.
Quick Order Pad
Try this shortcut when you know exactly what products and quantities you need. You can search by product number and/or upload spreadsheet orders.
Request A Quote
Whether you’re pricing materials for a new project, requesting a PO or compiling a supply list for approval, we make it easy to Request a Quote and share it with customers and clients.
Competitor Product Lookup
If you’re searching for a product that you previously ordered from another supplier, this convenient feature will help you find the crossover part numbers.
View Orders, Quotes and Invoices
Need to approve an order, email a quote or print out an invoice? All your Orders, Quotes and Invoices are as close as your account dashboard.
Order Notifications
Set up automated email alerts to let you know what stage of the process your order is in. Alerts are easy to set up, and can be edited or deleted at any time.
Saved Lists
Saved Lists can be big time savers for groups of products you frequently order. Easily create, delete, copy or customize lists as your needs change.
Frequently Purchased
The easiest and quickest way to reorder supplies, the Frequently Purchased feature is accessible from any page and makes adding items to your cart simple and fast.
Budget Managment
The Budget Management feature allows you to set budget controls on your Lowe’s Pro Supply account — from the Customer level to the User level.
User Adminstration
Search for an existing user, specify the user’s payment options or deactivate users. Control which users can add items to a cart, place orders or print invoices.
How to Create an Online Account
If you’ve enrolled in the Purchase Card program, simply log in to your account at to add, deactivate or suspend cards.
How to Create an Online Account
Whether you're painting an entire apartment complex or prepping for a single make-ready, it's fast and easy to order the exact pain you want online.